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Abigail Forbes

During the recent events occurring throughout the world due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there have been unexpected consequences that have presented themselves. The sudden onset of a quarantine caused a shift in the structure of daily life and made it essential to have to create a new plan of action. I attend the University of Central Florida and I am studying biotechnology with a minor in medical sociology. Five years ago, I left my hometown in hopes of pursuing my education to reach my goal of becoming a part of the medical field. During my time in college, I have dealt with the unexpected death of my father and trying to assist my mother in the wake of this. The sudden transition has created an unexpected set of problems.
Before the mandatory stay-at-home order was issued, I was given the opportunity to work in the Office of Student Involvement as the team coordinator for Knights of the Connection. It was a surprise to find out that I would not be able to step back on campus and engage with students. I have worked with the department for almost 2 years and I always intended that the end of this job would come due to graduation. After a month of waiting for a decision, I found out that student workers were going to be laid off until college campuses were able to reopen. This created a set of financial issues that I was not prepared for. If I were to receive this scholarship, it would give me the ability to make payments on my bills and tuition costs for this semester. It has been difficult to figure out a way to cover these bills due to the loss of my job.

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