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Alycia Edmond

You know how life throws you curveballs, Covid-19 definitely hit out of the park. If you don’t know a lot about baseball, no worries, neither do I. However I do know much about other competitive sports such as football and track since it was a part of the majority of my childhood. I can’t say I didn’t have much but with the little my family did have, my parents made sure athletics and education were the pillars of my foundation. Through sports I had a diversified understanding of individuals’ backgrounds and how perspective changed the way someone would respond to the scoring of points, facing a difficult assignment, or even the technicalities of finances. That fresh perspective stuck with me through the trials of life and eventually led me down my clear path at the University of Central Florida and into a career of real estate.
Throughout these several years I made many connections with the future 8 figure makers of tomorrow. Feel the independence and the thrill of adulthood at your front door; keywords ‘your front door’, and plans to make these years life changing, and to say the least, and another one for the record books.

“Up next to the plate”, the announcer blast for society to hear, “‘VISION nicknamed by the millenials 2020”

Cheers from the states. Woos from the world. 2020 is going to change everything. Change the game.
Swing. Out of the park.
_ _ _
Imagine having 3 days to pack up your developing life you’ve taken 3 years to cultivate and move it to the other end of the state. You check on yourself, stressed but grateful for life. You check on society, it says welcome to adulthood. You have little to no warning of an incoming brick but you can’t truly get mad because that brick is up in the air and doesn’t know what’s going on either. Mine sent me back to my hometown, collapsed my job, put a pause on my career, and cost me my network of clients, friends, and preconceived future. Deep breath though, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and know nothing lasts forever, whether good or bad.
Have to look at the curveballs like an opportunity for a wicked catch(or swing). Again, Baseball.

I would invest the 500 partly into educational supplies to fund my last year of college and put the remainder into my savings for later use as capital for my real estate endeavors, owning a portfolio of property to set my family up for generation wealth. Take this time to educate myself and better prepare for this difficult task so that next time life swings a bases loaded, bottom of the 9th type, curve ball, everyone will be prepped to swing for the fences.

Cassandra Exantus
Socrate Exantus