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Dhebby Ifé Ogun​

My name is Debbie Ife Ogunribido. I’m part of the Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity. I’m an out of state student from Chicago, born in Lagos Nigeria. I’m studying event Management at UCF currently and I graduate (by the grace of God) this summer. I lost my dad Fall of 2018. Unfortunately, that left a lot of damage and burden on me having to pay for UCF fees and tuition. My mum doesn’t work either because she has little to no education. Long story short, I have been trying my hardest to really keep pushing in school despite not having any financial help from family and the school. I’ll be in at least 40k+ in loan debt by August and I lost my job in March due to this pandemic.

My aspirations are to eventually own my own event company around the world, as well as open up event management schools in Africa so more of the youth back home can get into the field. I am also looking into entering the entertainment industry as I have a burning passion for acting and runway modeling. I’m originally from Chicago and moving back. I aim to start small up there and pray for the best. 🖤


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