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Jahman Ariel Hill

Jahman Ariel Hill is a Kansas-raised and Birmingham-based poet, author, playwright, and professor. In 2017, Jahman authored his first book of poetry, Made from My Mother’s Ceilings; in 2018, he claimed the title of 3rd best slam poet in the world, and in 2019 he wrote, produced, and starred in an award-winning one-man show, Black Enough, which played off-Broadway. A creative at heart, his poetry videos have garnered well over 3 million views online. Jahman also teaches at the University of Alabama where he received Master’s degrees in both Communication Studies and Women’s Studies. His work centers around “The Flourish”, or the idea that Black people are infinitely possible beings. A co-founder and co-executive director of The Flourish Alabama, Jahman seeks to empower youth through collaborative arts education.


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